Hi, my name is Zach Bridgeland and I’m a young creative, specifically, a photographer, and I need to fill this gaping hole of a page on my website with a proper blog. Jodi Picoult said, “You can’t edit a blank page ” and although I’m not writing a book I think it’s still applicable so I’ll start by introducing myself:

I am Zach a 15-year-old photographer from Chelmsford, Essex born in the Cayman Islands and currently studying my GCSE’s. Apart from creating images, I have a passion for running and sport. I wrote a personal blog called School Sport Sleep for over a year until 2014 outlining my story of coping with grammar school, doing enough exercise and trying to fit some sleep in along the way and if that sounds a little narcissistic it was. But the blog did allow me to develop some feeble writing skills while garnering 10000 views. A figure that sounded far more impressive to my 13-year-old self.

I regularly photograph running events around the country and publish my photos on my Flickr as well as taking photos of my life and nature around me.

But back to this blog, it will be filled with all things photography from reviews to my own photography experiences. I hope that whoever reads this joins me for this journey into writing and photography.